The Skippy peanut butter scam!

The big issue right now is health insurance reform – how the big insurance companies are ripping us off, cutting us off and doing other things to help us die before the death panel gets us.  Some people say, “Oh well, that’s just big business scamming the American public again.”

This morning, as I ate my daily bagel slathered with peanut butter, I thought again about the Great American Peanut Butter Scam.  If you are one of those millions of “addicted” peanut-butter-eaters who concentrates on homogenized peanut butter, for whatever good reason, you will know what I’m talking about or you are still one of the daily victims.

I’m not certain when the scamming began, but I became aware of it about the beginning of this year.  I, and my family, have “always” been a Skippy peanut butter users — sometimes creamy, sometimes crunchy – Bagels; toast; cookies.  That is a lot of peanut butter!  In late December, early January, I saw an article about “deception in product packaging” and the name Skippy jumped out at me.  It described a clever packaging improvement that Unilever had introduced — the original slightly concave bottom of the Skippy jar now sported an exaggerated concave bottom.  What this change does is it reduces the amount of peanut butter in the jar, without changing the overall look of the product. This improvement reduced the amount of peanut butter by 1.7 oz.  That’s 7.2%.  This photo compares the bottoms of the 18 oz Jif jar and the 16.3 oz Skippy jar.  Same price.

18 oz Jif and 16.3 oz Skippy

18 oz Jif and 16.3 oz Skippy

As you can guess, I now slather my daily bagel with Jif and feel good about it.

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Many of you will not remember the real Skippy so here is a link where you can meet him.

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